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Le Château Du Bois' History

Our Philosophy


Since 1890, Le Château du Bois grows, harvests and distils Officinal Lavender in Provence’s mountains. Professional in the farming methods and distiller, the Lincelé family was able with each generation, on its Le Château du Bois Estate and in its own distillery, to carry on and to develop its know-how on fine lavender, and to use it in natural cosmetics, also known as “phyto-cosmetic” since 1991. Each plant extract contains active properties that create a specific action.  Through the effect of complementarity, the combination of several extracts allows the optimization of each extract. Le Château du Bois uses its expertise in phyto-cosmetology to create the ideal combination of powerful plant-based extracts and to offer a tailored and comprehensive solution. Le Château du Bois has drawn its inspiration from the very heart of plants and has established itself as an atypical and demanding actor in those highly targeted, natural, organic and ecological cosmetics.








Producers & Distillers since 1890


Fine lavender is also called officinal fine lavender or lavandula angustifolia. Its name has a great importance, as it is the only lavender to be officially recognized for its therapeutic properties, that is why its latin name is « officinalis ». Fine lavender is a rare and precious plant as it only grows in Provence’s mountains at 800 to 1300 meters of altitude. It is a wild and delicate plant which shall only be reproduced by seeding to preserve its therapeutic properties. Just like great wines, the climate and terroir are predominant factors of the fine lavender essential oil quality.





Phyto-cosmetics & Le Château Du Bois


To create those products, Le Château du Bois selects the best type of plant in its category, the country in which the plant is endemic therefore the best, where the plant is harvested at the very moment when it will provide the most effective active properties.  Giving the priority to ingredients coming from organic and ecological farming, the protection of the environment and the respect of humans’ work, Le Château du Bois knows the demands of each production activity. Le Château du Bois partners with the best experts to develop each phyto-cosmetic product. The formulation is the balance between the understanding of plants, their composition, and their effects on the way the skin works with an understanding of the skin and its mechanisms. In this way, before being used, precious active ingredients are rigorously selected for their biological properties and according to their affinity with the skin. Through a process that can take several years, the scientific teams with Le Château du Bois research the best dosages and combinations of the most effective active ingredients, allowing them to create the most complete formulas and to provide the most comprehensive solutions to a given problem.




Sharing our Passion for the Queen's frlower of Provence at our Lavender Museum Provence

Since 1991 we offer the possibility to discover all our lavender secrets through visits, workshops, events at our Lavender Museum Luberon, the cultural extention to our Lavender Estate