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» » » Floral water / hydrosol of fine Lavender from Provence 4.1
Fine lavender floral water - 125ml bottle / 4.1
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Floral water / hydrosol of fine Lavender from Provence 4.1

Reference -5673

Obtained when distilling flower heads of fine lavender this flower water, also called “hydrolat”, is naturally full of active ingredients.

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Usage tips
Active Ingredients

Floral Water / Hydrosol of Fine Lavender

Genuine hydrosol obtained by distillation of fine lavender flowers.


What is a 100% natural lavender hydrosol?


Fine lavender floral water is the water that has passed through the lavender flower during the extraction of lavender essential oil, by steam distillation**, becoming enriched with beneficial molecules from this flower.


The quality of the hydrosol and its benefits depend on the variety of lavender distilled and the quality of the water used. At Château du Bois, we only distill fine population lavender from our own seeds. Only fine population lavender (lavandula officinalis chaix) is mentioned in the European Pharmacopoeia.

The water used for distillation is simply rainwater stored and kept in motion throughout the year.

**this principle is commonly called distillation or steam entrainment.



Fine Lavender Floral Water, what virtues for the skin?


The hydrosol is widely used to soothe, purify, and repair the skin. It can be considered as essential oil in a homeopathic dose, therefore perfectly tolerated by the most sensitive skin. It is very popular for young, oily skin types, calming and acting on imperfections. This water is naturally scented by its active principles, and its very green scent may surprise, not developing the floral and aromatic note of the high Provence AOP lavender essential oil. It is not a perfuming water. It is primarily a true skin care product.


Application: Apply to a cotton pad and dab onto the area to be treated without rubbing. The skin gently absorbs the active ingredients.


Producers and Distillers of Fine Lavender in Provence,

Our Commitments:


✅ Naturally scented by its active principles


✅ Fine lavender from the harvest and distillation of the lavender fields of Domaine Le Château du Bois located in high Provence at 1100m altitude


✅ Fine lavender from sustainable agriculture


✅ Eco-responsible cosmetics brand


✅ Committed to cruelty-free with PETA


✅ Made in France


✅ Product and packaged with love in Provence



Reference 5673


125 ml bottle with drop reducer.

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Usage tips
Active Ingredients

Use a cottonwool to apply on the face and neck, eyes closed, mornings and/or evenings.The hydrolat can also be applied to the body in a case of a rash or an itch.

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Usage tips
Active Ingredients



Active ingredients :

100 % Fine Lavender Floral water

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Usage tips
Active Ingredients
Reviews about this Floral water / hydrosol of fine Lavender from Provence 4.1 (3 reviews)
Ewa I
Review added the Monday 11 October 2021
Beautiful fragrance
Ning C
Review added the Thursday 14 January 2021
The fine lavender floral water is perfect for my skin. My skin feels soft after spreading the water on. I really like it and will recommend it to my friends.
SG-2131-8233 DHDH
Review added the Friday 12 December 2014
This is good for my oily and sensitive skin as it calms my skin down.
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