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Review of Ann H on Fine lavender herbal tea bags

fine lavender herbal tea digestive and relaxing Fine lavender herbal tea bags


Lavender herbal tea Box


Lavendotherapy* or  how to help you sleep…


The last research carried out by Institut National du Sommeil et de la Vigilance (INSV) shows that the French don't sleep enough. The French are tired when they wake up… That’s normal as they are lacking a lot of sleep: Fifty year olds are on average missing one and a half hour of sleep a night, the INSV revealed! The experts also stated that if you sleep less than six hours a day the consequences on your stamina and irritability will immediately be felt. How then, should you improve the quality and duration of your rest? Try fine lavender, it’s natural and has throughout the ages been renowned for its soothing properties.

Brew a good fine lavender infusion before going to bed, then put two drops of fine lavender essential oil on your pillow. Lavender helps you to fall a sleep and have a refreshing rest. And after longer and more peaceful nights you will evidently be more energetic when you wake up!

As this is a classic infusion, the usage of soft water is preferred to boost the soothing and digestive effects of the fine lavender. Be careful not to leave the bag in the hot water for over a minute, for the best taste of this subtle and herbaceous infusion. Fine lavender goes well with mint so to try to improve your digestion by adding two mint leaves from your garden; it’s a real delight.


Composition:  Fine lavender flowers 100%: soothing and digestive.

what is lavendotherapy? Lavandotheray emphasises the use of the beneficial properties of wild fine lavender flower, fine lavender essential oil, and fine lavender hydrolat - aka floral water in baths, massages and other treatments to eliminate nervousness, improve relaxation, soothe skin problems and much more !




- Review added the Friday 25 April 2014by Ann H

On a recent vacation to France, I was able to shop all things lavender in Arles. The tea has been most helpful as I recover from surgery. I live in America but, this tea is going to be a must in my pantry.
I also purchased many lavender products while shopping in your store in Arles.
Please bring one of your stores to my area (Charlotte, North Carolina)
Thank you
Ann W. Hedman
Cornelius, N.C.

P.S. The young French lady who helped my husband and me with our purchases did a fine job of helping. With each of us doing a bit of English/French, we were able to make the transactions for my lavender products.
Tres Bien !!!!