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Review of DAN CONSTANTIN AA on Pure plant Lavander soap 7.9

savon 250g pure vegetal lavande de haute provence pour le corps Pure plant Lavander soap 7.9

This vegetal soap is environment friendly and your skin will love it.It releases a relaxing and fresh scent.It leaves a layer of foam that is very easy to rinse off.Enriched in shea butter, it prevents the skin from becoming dry.With this soap you are guaranteed to have a proper and genuine soap, well saponified and not a solidified wash base.This soap is coloured by a natural colouring, the pigment is derived from red cabbage.


What is saponification?

Saponification is the process of mixing water, soda and an oil that is chosen in accordance with the properties required:Tallow, peanut oil, olive oil, palm oil, soybean oil… this mixture causes a chemical reaction in which the oily substances decompose and form glycerine?This is what gives the soap its moisturising properties.After cooking the mixture is purified and then moulded into its final form.

Soaps are surfactant, that is to say they tend to reduce the surface tension between two surfaces, which allows use to clean.The water and fat composition of soap is very close to that of the skin.


Reference : 5550 - 250g



- Review added the Wednesday 19 August 2020by DAN CONSTANTIN AA

For the last 7 years, except this cursed year, summer hollyday ment for my family south of France and twice Corsica. The visit to Le Chatea du bois had been compulsory and the stock of Savon vegetal ovale kept the memories alive till next year! This year we have to buy it by mail. Let us hope that the madness of COVID will vanish till next year!