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Review of Elektroprodukt K on Fine Lavender Soothing Body Lotion Organic Cosmos 6.6

Fine Lavender Soothing Body Lotion Organic Cosmos 6.6 Fine Lavender Soothing Body Lotion Organic Cosmos 6.6

Organic body lotion - moisturizing and soothing

Organic lavender hydration cream body milk

With essential oil and floral water of fine lavender



This moisturizing body milk has an exceptional dose of active ingredients of plant origin. It leaves a soft, satiny veil for visibly healthier skin.


Formulated as a real concentrate of softness, this silky milk can be easily applied all over the body after a shower or when the outside world attacks your skin. This milk is a reliable treatment to apply after a shower on a sunburn for example.

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4 commandments for perfect skin:

Soothing & protecting the skin

Fine lavender essential oil, a fire-fighting plant par excellence, is excellent for soothing skin marked by everyday life without appropriate care. Reddened and shrinking in on itself because of heat, salt, limescale or pollution, your skin needs real natural care! Firstly, this body milk will provide comfort and elasticity so that you finally feel good under your own skin.

Organic avocado and jojoba vegetable oils as well as organic aloe vera (55%) are very beautiful materials to soothe and nourish and protect the skin as well. Perfect, therefore, after the sun or the shower.

repearing the skin

Fine lavender essential oil is a real treasure for those who want to repair a cut or damaged skin. Combined with apricot kernel oil with incomparable regenerating properties thanks to its essential fatty acids, this duo purifies the skin while nourishing it. On the road to healthy, strong and luminous skin. Your skin naturally regenerates on its own. The fine lavender body milk simply provides him with the best of nature to help him in his task.

Hydrate & nourish

The gel and aloe Vera and organic jojoba oil help your skin to bind water and guarantee perfect hydration for a supple effect and visibly stronger and rested skin. Organic avocado oil is also an element that helps nourish the skin, restructure it and make it more elastic.

Fine lavender floral water, the secret to healthy skin

Floral water or fine lavender hydrosol from Château du Bois. Distilled water having taken on the essences of the flower in the still, the fine lavender hydrosol provides the same purifying virtues for the skin as the essential oil, in the form of soft, light and non-irritating water. Alone, lavender hydrosol is applied to skin imperfections; as a cream, it helps to clean and reabsorb skin imperfections and to maintain the health of the epidermis. Fine lavender hydrosol is also a recognized ally to apply to skin imperfections.


Le Château du Bois: Organic and committed phyto-cosmetics from Provence

  • ✅ Naturally scented by its active ingredients
  • ✅ Fine lavender from the harvest and distillation of the lavender fields of Domaine Le Château du Bois located in Haute Provence at 1100m altitude
  • ✅ Fine lavender from sustainable agriculture
  • ✅ Eco-responsible cosmetics brand
  • ✅ Cruelty-free engaged with PETA
  • ✅ Made in France
  • ✅ Produced and packaged with love in Provence
  • ✅ Certified ecological and organic cosmetics

 98.62% du total des ingrédients sont d’origine naturelle / 81.63% du total des   ingrédients sont issus de l’Agriculture Biologique - 98.62% of the total ingredients are   of natural origin / 81.63% of the total ingredients come from organic farming. COSMOS   ORGANIC certifié par Ecocert Greenlife selon le référentiel COSMOS disponible sur Ecocert Greenlife / COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS standart available at

Made with 100% pure and natural fine lavender essential oil from the Château du Bois harvest.

Producers and distillers since 1890, we guarantee you a high quality, 100% pure and natural fine lavender essential oil, produced with the greatest respect for the environment on the Le Château du Bois lavender estate located in the heart of Provence.

We are extraordinarily lucky to control our production from the seed, to the lavender fields, to the harvest and traditional distillation.

Fine lavender essential oil is the fruit of the know-how of 5 family generations and an exclusive terroir to obtain the best flowers with a characteristic scent and natural benefits widely stated in the European pharmacopoeia.


200 ml / 6.7 fl oz.

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