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Review of Ewa I on Lavender for Men - Eau de toilette with fine lavender - 2.5 fl.oz

Lavender for Men - Eau de toilette with fine lavender - 2.5 fl.oz Lavender for Men - Eau de toilette with fine lavender - 2.5 fl.oz

Lavender for Men
The perfume for men with fine lavender

Created by the Grasse perfumer Elisabeth Proal with fine lavender from our harvests.


When Haute perfumery rediscovers the pleasure of working with one of the most exquisite Provençal ingredients, it offers us the balance and the rarity of subtle harmonies in a designer fragrance at the heart of the fine mountain lavender.


Discover all our lavender perfumes and eau de toilette


This natural lavender perfume is a dedication to the men we love...


This elegant and masculine perfume blends the fresh and aromatic notes of Italian bergamot, mugwort, mint, eucalyptus, and rosemary with the airy and precious fern note of fine lavender from our harvests that infuses this fragrance at its core.


Its base is musky, amber, and sensual with patchouli, vetiver, Siam benzoin, and Brazilian Tonka bean.


Lavender for Men is the expression of an elegant, classic, and daring gentleman who draws his energy from nature.


The origin of Lavender for Men, a perfume for men with fine lavender.


It is a tribute to the creator of the Lavender Museum in Luberon, Georges Lincel, a producer and advocate of true lavender, and the founder of Le Château du Bois Provence brand.


Fine lavender, what is its place in perfumery?

In the fascinating world of perfumery, lavender, often associated with a feminine essence, actually reveals astonishing masculine power, explaining its predominant role in the aromatic compositions of the "fougère" family. This iconic plant embodies raw strength, unwavering determination, integrity, and nobility of spirit. Its refinement and elegance are not mere traits but symbols of distinction deeply rooted in the art of British master perfumers.

Lavender is not just a fleeting fragrance; it possesses a tangible consistency and texture. It evokes the image of an unshakable rock, a tranquil and resilient force against the passage of time. Its presence in a perfume is like a ray of sunshine, stable and reassuring, reminiscent of the warmth and constancy of the great aromatic plants that adorn Mediterranean landscapes and the wild expanses of the Corsican maquis. Each note of lavender is a tribute to the ruggedness and serenity of nature, an ode to timeless elegance.

A natural perfume with fine lavender and the finest Grasse perfumery ingredients.

- 3% fine lavender essential oil from Château du Bois

- 12% noble materials (extracts)

- 88% organic alcohol

Spray bottle of 75 ml

Reference: 5864

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- Review added the Monday 11 October 2021by Ewa I

Beautiful fragrance