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Review of JILL NN on " Flowers harmony" eau de toilette 3.3

" Flowers harmony" eau de toilette 3.3 " Flowers harmony" eau de toilette 3.3

A creative scent made of fine lavender, thyme, sage, lemon and vanilla. An eau de toilette that reveals its soft essence and reflects its simplicity and freshness.  Created more than 15 years ago in Grasse, in the spirit of Château du Bois: it is the excellence in simply lavender…


User instructions: The eaux de toilette from the Château du Bois range maintain a sunny and soft character throughout the year, they are perfect for small and large occasions.

This eau de toilette will smell even better once it’s sprayed on a foulard, a handkerchief, a scarf or directly on your shirt.  Avoid keeping the eau de toilette in a direct sunlight.


Clever tip: This elegant lavender coated bottle is rechargeable, which enables you to save bottles and cases by recharging it with a recharge bottle of a ½ or one litre.  An ecological and economic gesture!


Reference : 5109 – glass spray bottle 100ml




- Review added the Saturday 21 July 2018by JILL NN

This fragrance is a wonderful blend.