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Review of Kerstin S on HAUTE PROVENCE LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL PDO - 50ml / 1.7oz

Genuine French Fine Lavender Essential Oil PDO label - 50ml / 1.7oz HAUTE PROVENCE LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL PDO - 50ml / 1.7oz



Harvested & distilled on the Le Château du Bois estate at an altitude of 1100m, it is the rarest and most precious variety that offers the most benefits. Formerly used in the Provençal pharmacopoeia for its disinfecting and healing properties, fine lavender is used today in aromatherapy for its anti-stress, calming and relaxing properties. Read the instructions carefully before use.


2020 Vintage

To go further, the year 2020 has been refined for 14 months to offer a double aromatic and floral note, pleasant to use for its benefits and its fragrance. This last vintage is very appreciated for its olfactory nuances offered by the terroir of Haute Provence.


This 100% pure and natural essential oil, biochemically and botanically defined, can be used in aromatherapy, food and in perfumed extract. True lavender is the queen flower in aromatherapy for its many soothing and relaxing benefits, and for skin care. It will also marry well with many dishes in cuisine. This same essential oil will be used in all organic cosmetics and natural perfumes of the Le Château du Bois brand, with a maximum concentration in all products of the Le Château du Bois brand.


Producers-growers and distillers since 1890, we guarantee you a high quality 100% pure and natural fine lavender essential oil. It is produced with the greatest respect for the environment on the lavender estate Le Château du Bois located in the heart of Provence. We have this extraordinary chance to master our production all the way from the seed, to the lavender fields, to the harvest and the traditional distillation. Fine lavender essential oil is the result of the know-how of 5 family generations, and of an exclusive terroir gathering  the right soil and micro climate to obtain the best flowers with their characteristic fragrance and natural benefits widely stated in the European pharmacopoeia.



 Naturally scented by its active ingredients.


 Fine lavender from the harvest and distillation of the lavender fields of Domaine Le Château du Bois located in Haute Provence at an altitude of 1100m,


 Fine lavender from environmentally sustainable agriculture


 Eco-responsible cosmetics brand


 Cruelty-free engaged with PETA


 Made in France


 Produced and packaged with love in Provence


50ml bottle / / UV protective brown glass with dropper






Réf. 5031 






- Review added the Monday 21 November 2022by Kerstin S

Excellent essential lavender oil