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Review of Kreith E on Refreshing & tonic gel for legs ORGANIC 2.5

Refreshing qnd tonic gel for legs 75ml Refreshing & tonic gel for legs ORGANIC 2.5


Easy application - Immediate effect - Organic and Ethical Sourcing




Its draining effect combined with the freshness provided by mint extract lightens and revitalizes in one application for lasting well-being.

Formulated with organic extracts of witch hazel, marshmallow and juniper, this gel stimulates microcirculation in the legs.

It is the ideal ally for those who suffer from heavy and tired legs following prolonged sitting or standing or simply sensitivity to heat.

The essential oils of fine lavender PDO, marshmallow and harpagophytum soothe pain related to sport and relax tension to allow you to approach life with enthusiasm in all circumstances.

Its proven effectiveness has been highly appreciated by its followers for 30 years now.


Advice for applying this organic tonic gel:

The concentration of the formula allows you to only have to use a small amount of the product.

This gel can also be applied to tension in the shoulders or neck.

The penetration of the product will be better after the shower where you will feel all the effectiveness of the gel which will dissipate any discomfort...

Its application is pleasant, because the gel texture penetrates easily without greasy effect, and the lightness of the formula does not stick to the skin.

For this reason, many people use it in the morning before getting dressed for an active day in peace.


Organic phyto-cosmetics Le Château du Bois Provence: Committed by nature!

✅ Naturally scented by its active ingredients
✅ Fine lavender from the harvest and distillation of the lavender fields of Domaine Le Château du Bois located in Haute Provence at an altitude of 1100 m
✅ Fine lavender from sustainable agriculture
✅ Eco-responsible cosmetics brand
✅ Cruelty-free engaged with PETA
✅ Made in France
✅ Produced and packaged with love in Provence
✅ Certified Ecological and Organic


Ecocert - Cosmétique biologique99% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.
85% of the total ingredients come from Organic Farming.

Ecological and Organic Cosmetics certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the Ecocert standard available at

Producers and distillers since 1890, we guarantee you a high quality 100% pure and natural fine lavender essential oil, produced with the greatest respect for the environment on the lavender estate Le Château du Bois located in the heart of Provence.

We have an extraordinary opportunity to master our production from the seed, to the lavender fields, to the harvest and the traditional distillation. Fine lavender essential oil is the result of the know-how of 5 family generations and an exclusive terroir to obtain the best flowers with their characteristic fragrance and natural benefits widely stated in the European pharmacopoeia.


Tube of 75ml / 2.5 (the size of this tube is very practical to carry your gel for a long day of effort during a hike, or simply to the office to relax :)


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- Review added the Thursday 27 October 2022by Kreith E

Great product!