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Review of MANUEL S on Fine lavender Body Talc - bottle of 1.7 oz. fl.

Fine lavender Body Talc - bottle of 1.7 oz. fl. Fine lavender Body Talc - bottle of 1.7 oz. fl.



If there is anything you need to have at home it’s talc! Your skin’s best friend, this mineral comes in handy during everyday life. Essentially composed of silicate and magnesium, talc belongs to the mineral family and natural talc is harvested from deposits.


The talc from Le Château du Bois, is a 100% pure and natural deodorant. Made with 100% pure and natural fine lavender essential oil A.O.P. from the Château du Bois' harvest and rock powder, this talc is a delight to use after bathing to keep the skin healthy and fresh for several hours. It prevents and relieves you of itches and other irritations due to excessive sweating or rubbing.

Ideal to care for and to clean your feet and a great complement to the rich and refreshing foot cream.


How to use it ?

  • Use it on your feet or directly inside your shoes
  • Use it under your armpits agains transpiration
  • Use it in your bath water for a soft skin
  • Use it against red marks on your skin prior or after hairs remouval
  • Use it as a dry shampoo on your roots
  • Use it to make your lipstick last longer : apply a first layer of lipstick, a layer talc and another layer of liptick for a all day lasting lipstick

Naturallt perfumed by its active ingredients

Tested under dermatologist control


Reference 5253 - Powder Bottle 50g



- Review added the Monday 02 December 2013by MANUEL S

All products are simply fantastic leaving someone close very very happy!;-)