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Review of Nicholas A on Lavender for Women 2.5 fl.oz

LAVENDER FOR WOMEN Lavender for Women 2.5 fl.oz


An exclusive creation by Elisabeth Proal for Le Château du Bois


The noble, pure and natural ingredients selected for this perfume epitomize the harmony of notes symbolic of French fine fragrance.  The freshness and vivacity of the top note with Italian bergamot, roman chamomile and sage, give way to a floral heart of “Le Château du Bois” Provence fine lavender, embraced by Egyptian geranium and sensual Indonesian patchouli.  These notes, full of lightness, melt into a sweet, voluptuous scent with the gourmand and vanilla nuances of Siam benzoin and Brazilian tonka beans.  Englobing heritage and modernity, this fragrance is the expression of natural delicacy for ethical and elegant women.


Ref : 5734 – Bottle 75ml


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- Review added the Thursday 03 August 2017by Nicholas A

Ordered this perfume as a gift for my wife after we went to the Lavender Museum in Coustelet and she really enjoyed the scent and kept talking about after we returned back to the US. Although you can't order through their website, I was able to contact the store directly, and had them ship it to me in the US. Ordering was pretty straightforward, and they had great customer service. Overall, very pleased with the experience!