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Review of Salvatore FF on Lavender for Men 2.5 fl.oz

Lavender for Men 2.5 fl.oz Lavender for Men 2.5 fl.oz



Created by Elisabeth Proal for Le Château du Bois


This perfume is a dedication to the men we love...

Its fragrance is rare and refine. In accordance with the High Perfumerie know-how, Lavender for Men combines quality, elegance and the richness of nature. Our perfume is elegant, manly and it mixes cool scents of Bergamot from Italy, mugwort, mint or rosemary from Marocco and eucalyptus.

The fragrance also reveals flowery and precious notes of fine lavender from Le Château du Bois in Provence, associated with sensual musky and amber notes of Indonesian patchouli, Javanese vetyver, benjoin from Siam and Tonka beans form Brazil. Lavender for Men is the expression of the chic, classic and daring gentleman, who draws his power from his nature.


Ref : 5864 – spray bottle 75ml



- Review added the Sunday 09 August 2015by Salvatore FF

Very nice scent after a while that is applied. We visited le Musée de la Lavande back in April and I tried a few of the items on the shelves in the shop. While I didn't like most of the perfume sprays, I had mixed feelings about the for men one. I tried on and it smelled way to strong and like an "old lady" perfume... that doesn't mean "bad" per se... it was just not pleasant nor a scent for men. Oddly enough after several many hours the scent wasn't the same and was pleasant and calming. Still wasn't convinced it would be something I'd like to wear. Once back in US I had a sampler which I used for a few days and to my surprise I really liked the pleasant smell it left on the skin (after a while) as well as its relaxing effect. So I bought 3 bottles online and shipped them to a friend who is going to visit this Summer.

It's really a pity that le Musée de la Lavande does not ship in US... I will have to always find a way to get it to friends in EU who will then have to ship or bring it over. :(