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Review of Yvonne DDDDDD on Fine lavender room spray 3.3

Fine lavender room spray 3.3 Fine lavender room spray 3.3

Ambiance perfume

Duo Bergamot & Lavender from Haute-Provence AOP



For an air of sweet bliss.


Rich in our knowledge of essential oils, we wanted to concentrate in this product the best of Nature to facilitate the elimination of daily tensions, relax the mind and facilitate sleep.


The high concentration of lavender essential oil from Haute Provence A.O.P (6.76%) and bergamot, a small citrus fruit of the bergamot tree, resembling lemon and known to give its taste to Earl Gray tea, makes this composition very effective.


This is the perfect room fragrance for those wanting to create a sunny nest out of their homes.



 Fine lavender from the harvest and distillation of the lavender fields of Domaine Le Château du Bois located in Haute Provence at an altitude of 1100m,


 Fine lavender from environmentally sustainable agriculture



 Cruelty-free engaged with PETA



 Made in France



 Produced and packaged with love in Provence


100ml spray bottle


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- Review added the Friday 22 April 2016by Yvonne DDDDDD

smells fantastic lasts very long