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Review of Zdenek M on Duo Tradition of Provence

Fine lavender Essentail oil and lavender sachet composition Duo Tradition of Provence

A perfect duo for a delicate attention composed of :


Fine lavender essential oil PDO, officinalis quality, for a wellbeing and perfuming (see the leafleft)

Braun Protective Glass - dropper 15ml


-The traditional lavender sachet, to take care of your clothes thanks to its moths repulsive quality. Remember to squeeze it regularly before placing it in your linens, and release the perfume of Provence in your closets.

Cotton, lavender and lavendin flowers 20g


Duo presented in an elegant with a transparant window, closed by a sattin rubbon.


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- Review added the Monday 12 December 2022by Zdenek M

Nice gift