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Review of zhiyan ZZ on lavender flowers organza bag 35g

lavender flowers organza bag 35g lavender flowers organza bag 35g

The natural anti-moth remedy of our ancestors


Placed a customised organza violet cloth the lavender bag is your laundry's best friend, a gentle push on the bag is enough to release the lavender scent to spread the scent to your laundry, it also keeps the moths away.The advantage of this bag is that its braid is very practical to hang it on coat hangers or doorknobs…


The tradition of lavender bags in Provence is so ingrained in our people that no one knows when we started putting lavender in bags to place between piles of laundry.It has surely been transmitted from generation to generation…


A little history…

The word lavande, French for lavender, is derived from the French verb "laver” or to clean, which might come from the Italian “lavando” (the action of cleaning), which could go all the way back to the Latin "lavandaria" (laundry to be washed). The word entered English from old French "lavendre” around 1265.This etymology suggests that men began very early to use lavender to scent a newly washed laundry.Bags of dried flowers are traditionally stored in cupboards to keep moths away and to perfume the wardrobe.It’s sometimes called "port—bonheur des armoires” in French, or the cupboards lucky charm.

Dried lavender flowers are very resilient and will keep their scent for 1 to 2 years.We recommend that you squeeze your bags every week to release all the fragrances.


About your bags!

The traditional lavender bag is a very simple rectangle of around 3 times 8”.Twice folded with a seam on each side, you fill the bag with 20gr. of flowers (1/2 glass), and then close it with a ribbon.If you don't want to sew you can cut out a 10" square or a round piece of 10” in diameter and place 20gr. of flowers on the centre of your cloth and then fold it over the flowers and bind it with a ribbon, this will take the form of a purse.


Not to confuse : A "lavandière" in French, is a lady who cleans laundry, or a washerwoman.Washerwomen work in the washhouse where they clean and rinse laundry.

The lady that cuts lavender is called a 'coupeuse de lavande' or a lavender cutter in French and not 'lavandière’!


User instructions: Place in cupboards, wardrobes, chest of drawers or where ever you would like the scent to be (car, luggage,...).


Clever tip: The bags need to be pressed every 15 days to release a constant scent in the cupboards.The flowers stop releasing scent sometimes between one and two years.If that happens you may renew their scent by pouring 2 or 3 drops of essential oil on them.If you have hybrid lavender plants in your garden you can replace the flowers with your own harvest.




- Review added the Saturday 11 October 2014by zhiyan ZZ

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