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The site LE CHÂTEAU DU BOIS FRANCE (hereafter called the “Site”) is a digital commercial website accessible on the Internet at the address: It is open to any user of the Internet (hereinafter called "User".  It is published by LA LAVANDE - Société Anonyme Simplifiée with a capital of 657,510€ and headquarters in Coustellet – 276 Route de Gordes – 84220 CABRIERES D'AVIGNON, registered at the Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés d'Avignon under the number 378 681 696 - SIRET 378 681 696 00019 – VAT FR 15 378 681 696 (hereinafter called the “seller”).


Tel :


E-mail :


Publication Director: Jack Lincelé


It is hosted by the company CREATION WEB which has headquarters at:

20 Quai du commandant Malbert - 29200 BREST



The Site enables SAS LA LAVANDE to offer cosmetic products for sale to Internet users navigating the Site (hereinafter called "Users"). It is convenient for the present purposes that the User and SAS LA LAVANDE will collectively be known as the "Parties" and individually as a "Party" and that the User after having confirmed his order will be known as "Buyer”. Rights and obligations of the User are necessary applicable to the Buyer.

All Product orders proposed by the Site suppose consultation and express acceptation of the present general conditions of sale, without this acceptation being subject to the User's written signature.


It is stipulated that the User can save and print the present general conditions of sale, on the condition however that he shall not modify them.


The present general conditions of sale are valid from 23/05/2018.


SAS LA LAVANDE reserves the right to modify the present general and specific conditions of sale at any moment, without notice, as it is understood that such modifications would be inapplicable to reservations and orders already accepted and confirmed by the Buyer.


The present conditions are applicable at the exclusion of any other document.


Order may only be placed on the website LE CHATEAU DU BOIS PROVENCE by individual customers

  1. How to order?

For submitting your orer :

  • Brows the online catalo of our website
  • Then add the products you want to your basket. Prior to the confirmation of the order, you can access the contents of your basket at any time, to check the detail of the planned purchase and change the mat any time (including removal of the selected product(s) or changing the amount of the selected product(s))
  • To confirm your order you must click the «  FINISH YOUR ORDER » button that is in your
  • If you are a new customer: you must create a user account by clicking “MY ACCOUNT” and indicate your e-mail address.
  • If you are already a customer : Log using your e-mail and password.
  • Then enter your shipping and payment information
  • Confirm your payment method, check the « I HAVE READ AND ACCEPT THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS », then click « FINISH YOUR ORDER”
  • Then choose on Colissimo your preferences and click “VALIDATE”   
  • Then check your choice and click “VALIDATE THE DELIVERY”   
  • Once your order’s summary displayed, you may click on « CONFIRM MY ORDER with payment OBLIGATION »

Confirmation of your order online

On the page listing the selected product(s), the « FINISH YOUR ORDER » allows you to validate your cart and the selected product(s). After checking and changing your order, Step 4 will allow you confirm it, you must proceed to the online purchase of the order depending on your payment method.

Once the order is confirmed by clicking on the « FINISH MY ORDER » button, the Buyer confirms his/her acceptance of all these General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter GTC), by clicking the « FINISH YOUR ORDER ». You may print the order form through your client’s account online available « MY ACCOUNT » tab.  

Once the order is validated, we will send you by e-mail, a receipt of order which shall include the number of your, the delivery details and the total amount you’ve paid. This document will be accompanied by these GTC.

This confirmation of order imply acceptation of the order and validates the transaction subject to the payment of the order.

Any order implies the  its acceptation without limitation, nor restriction, to the present.

Your order, once confirmed, it will be treated by Customer Service. For more information you can contact this service at:

By post :

LE CHATEAU DU BOIS PROVENCE – Lieu dit Musée de la Lavande – 276 Route de Gordes – CS50016 – 84220 CABRIERES D’AVIGNON

By phone : 0033 (0)4 90 76 91 23

By e-mail :

You can also cancel an order placed on the site by calling the customer service by phone at 0033 (0)4 90 76 91 23 or by e-mail at . If the client service informs you that the order has already been treated, you won't be able to cancel it: you will have to refuse the parcel when your order is delivered.

SAS LA LAVANDE reserves the right to cancel any order placed by a customer with whom it has a dispute concerning a prior order payment or for any other reason relating to the abnormality of the order, at the discretion of SAS LA LAVANDE.

If one or more products are found to be out of stock after the order is placed you will be notified by e-mail. The price of your order will be recalculated and you will be charged a new price, excluding the missing products. If your order is altogether out of stock you will be averted by mail and the order will refund with 1 month maximum.

Any order placed at the company SAS LA LAVANDE/ LE CHÂTEAU DU BOIS are intended for private individuals and for their personal uses. The customers or recipients are forbidden any partial or total resale of the products.

The Buyer accepts the order registration system of LA LAVANDE as a valid proof of the nature, agreement and date of the order.

The amount of a single order is limited to 300 euros per order. Furthermore, the same product reference cannot be ordered in a greater quantity than 8 items per order.

  1. Prices

The prices of our products listed in our online catalog are in Euros and include all taxes (excluding postage). They take into account the French VAT.

If the VAT rate should be changed, increment or reduction, this change will be reflected in the price of items. It is agreed that ordered products shall be sold at the price in force when the order is placed.

Any shipping for Metropolitan France, Corsica, Monaco or in the European Union, will include the VAT shipping.

Any shipping outside of France, Monaco or the European Union is invoiced excluding VAT.

Customs duties or other local taxes or import duty may also be due. These taxes and customs duties are at your change, and they might be presented to you at the time of delivery and will have to be paid directly to the carrier. Toutes commandes passées sur le site et livrées hors France Métropolitaine pourront faire l’objet de taxes et droits de douanes à destination.

To know the conditions of imports of our products, please contact local authorities.

A sale's offer including any special offer is valid as long as they are advertised on the Site.

  1. The shipping fee

The products will be delivered to the address supplied by the Buyer, on the purchase order, by LA POSTE or FEDEX, in accordance with the chosen delivery method.


1/For shipments outside metropolitan France, Corsica and monaco the price are the following :

  • A charge of 6€ TTC per order for all order under 80€ incl. tax. of purchase
  • Free delivery for order of 80€ T incl. tax and above

2 / Shipping costs to Belgium  :

  • 9€ VAT included by Coliposte
  • 18€ VAT included by Fedex
  • Free shipping for orders above 180€ VAT included
  • The bill is including French VAT (VAT included)

3/ Shipping costs to Austria, Danemark, Germany, Irland, Italy, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Neatherlands, Portugal, Spain, United-Kingdom,  Sweden :

  • 10€ VAT included by Coliposte
  • 22€ VAT included by Fedex,
  • Free shipping for orders above 220€ VAT included
  • The bill is including French VAT (VAT included)

4/ Shipping costs to Czech republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lettony, Lituany, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Malta, Romania :

  • 15€ VAT included by Coliposte
  • 32€ VAT included by Fedex,
  • Free shipping for orders from and above 300€ VAT included
  • The bill is including French VAT (VAT included)

5 /Shipping costs to Switzerland and Norway :

  • 15€ VAT excluded by Coliposte
  • 32€ VAT excluded by Fedex
  • Free shipping for orders above 300€ VAT excluded
  • The bill is not including French VAT (VAT excluded). All orders delivered outside of France could be subjects to the country custom’s taxes upon arrival at destination.
  • The buyer is the only one responsible for taxes and VAT payment(s), and only the buyer can be held accountable.

6/ Shipping to US and Canada :

  • 55€ VAT excluded by Fedex, Tnt or Ups
  • Free shipping for orders from and above 400€ VAT excluded
  • The bill is not including French VAT (VAT excluded). All orders delivered outside of France could be subjects to the country custom’s taxes upon arrival at destination.
  • The buyer is the only one responsible for taxes and VAT payment(s), and only the buyer can be held accountable.

7 / shipping to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Croatia :

  • 55€ VAT excluded by Fedex, Tnt or Ups
  • Free shipping for orders from and above 400€ VAT excluded
  • The bill is not including French VAT (VAT excluded). All orders delivered outside of France could be subjects to the country custom’s taxes upon arrival at destination.
  • The buyer is the only one responsible for taxes and VAT payment(s), and only the buyer can be held accountable

For shipments outside the listed country and/or DOM/TOM, the Buyer shall contcat the Customer Service for a quotation (  

Note that it is cheaper to combine all your items in on order. Warning, if the same day you command two(or more) separate orders for the same place of delivery, we will not be able to gather together these commands and shipping will be charged for each one of them.  

  1. Delivery

SAS LA LAVANDE / LE CHATEAU DU BOIS PROVENCE reserves the right to comply, totaly or partially, an order for a country where they have specific distribution agreements, or where thera are specific local regulations. In that case you will be informed by SAS LA LAVANDE / LE CHATEAU DU BOIS PROVENCE.

Delivery deadlines

The delivery time includes the time to prepare the package + delivery time.

For shipments in Metropolitan France, Corsica and Monaco, the average delivery time is 3 to 7 business days from the order confirmation.

For the European Union and Switzerland, the average delivery time is 8 to 15 business days from the order confirmation.

For other destinations, the delivery time will be communicated by the Costums Service and is of an average of 8 to 15 business days from the order confirmation.  

The legal delivery time is of maximum 30 days from the online purchase.

Please note that these delivery times are only indicative and are subject to availability. If predictable delay in the shipment occurs, SAS LA LAVANDE will inform the customer as soon as possible and by any means, so that the customer can choose to maintain, or to totally or partially cancel, his command.  

SAS LA LAVANDE reserve the right to split delievries, provided that the port fees will only be charged once

Note that if you choose to pay by check, the order will be processed upon recipt of the check and legal delivery period will not begin to run until the date of receipt of the check.

  1. Payment

Shipment is always made after the order payment. No discount for early payment is granted.

All orders, whatever their origin (excluding USA and United Kingdom), are payable in euros. Regulation stamps or cash is not accepted.

You can pay your order by the following means of payment: Credit card, check, bank transfer, paypal.

The Buyer gives LA LAVANDE a guarantee, that he is entitled to any authorization eventually required to use the payment method he has chosen, when the purchase order is registered.

SAS LA LAVANDE reserves the right to suspend or cancel any order and/or delivery, regardless of its nature or process, in case of non-payment of any amount due by the Buyer or in case of default in payment.

The information relating to your order may be transferred to competent authorities for verification, for the purpose of fighting Internet fraud.

Online payment by credit card (CB)

  • Online

You can pay your order directly at our online store with credit card (Carte Bleue, Mastercard, Visa or American Express). At the final stage of checkout you enter your credit card number and its expiration date and security code on the back of the card (last 3 digits on the signature panel, and 4 for American Express) on Banque Crédit Mutuel – CIC Paiement. [you will never be asked to indicate your PIN].

The bank Crédit Mutuel is in charge of payments, refunds and refusal. Their headquarters are 88-90 Rue CARDINET – 75017  PARIS.

The payment security is ensured Banque Crédit Mutuel.


  • By phone

Complete your order and call us at 0033 (0)4 90 76 91 23 ( from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm) and provide your number of order and your credit card numbers (Carte Bleue, Visa, Mastercard) as well as the expiration date and security code (last 3 digits on the signature panel)


This information is strictly confidential and will be immediatly registered on our preotected banking system an can be used only once.

Bank information shall be entered at each order, even if you have already used your card on our website.

Payment by check

You can send us a check in euros, payable in a French bank, to the order of SAS LA LAVANDE. IN case we request you to specify the date and order number that was assigned to you online.

Payment by bank transfer

Orders can be paied by bank transfer :

Account number: 10278 06514 00020110545 71
IBAN: FR76 1027 8065 1400 0201 1054 571
Account name: SAS LA LAVANDE

The order will be sent once e received your payment.

Payment by Paypal

You can pay your order directly on our online store via PayPal. When the Buyer clicks “Confirm my order with obligation of payment”, the Buyer must indicate his e-mail and password of connection to Paypal to proceed to payment.

  1. Les produits

The Buyer is, prior to ordering, able to get information, on Le Château du Bois France, regarding the essential characteristics of the product(s) he desires to order.

The pictures of our products are for information only and are not contractual.

Our products are available within the limit of available stock. SAS LA LAVANDE/LE CHATEAU DU BOIS PROVENCE make their best efforts to ensure that products appearing as available for sale are actually in stock. However, in case of out of stock after the final confirmation of your order, the customer service of the SAS LA LAVANDE will contact you within a maximum of 72 hours to notify you of products not available or if the shipment will be delayed and in this case, the estimated shipping time. In this case, you’ll have the choice to:

- To completely cancel your order,
- To partially cancel your order and choose to:

  • Either receive the products available initially and delayed those that are stock out in a second shipment, when  they will become available again,
  • Either receive all of your order one shipment, when all the products ordered will be available.

In the case you cancel your order, the SAS LA LAVANDE will reimburse you the paid amount within 14 days since the reception of the annulation notice for the whole or a part of your command.


  1. Warranties

Right of withdrawal

In case the product does not suit you, is defective or does not correspond to your order, By application of the law of January 6th 1988 the Buyer has a withdrawal period of 14 days starting from the reception of your parcel. (if this time expires on a Saturday, a Sunday or a holyday, it is extended to the next business day.) The Buyer can however apply his right before the delivery.

To exercise this right, you must within 14 days above mentioned, notify us your decision to withdraw from this contract through an unequivocal statement (eg letter sent by post or email). You can also use the withdrawal form template, but it is not mandatory by writing to:


Lieu dit Musée de la Lavande

276 Route de Gordes – CS50016


or at the following email address:  



In order to comply with the withdrawal period, you only need to send your communication stating you wish to exercise the right of withdrawal before the expiration of the withdrawal period.

If you withdraw from this contract, the SAS LA LAVANDE will reimburse you, within 14 days after reception of the product(s) (the shipping costs are at the charge of the Buyer). The amount corresponding to the product described in the withdrawal, including delivery costs (excluding additional costs arising from the fact that you have chosen, if necessary, a type of delivery other than the least expensive type of standard delivery offered by SAS LA LAVANDE).

You will need to return the cancelled good in its packaging, in perfect condition and with all its accessories when appropriate to the following address, without undue delay and in any event, within 14 (fourteen) days after you have informed us your decision to withdraw from this contract. You comply with this deadline if you send back the goods before the expiration of the fourteen day period, at your expense and via a delivery method adapted to the following address:


Lieu dit Musée de la Lavande

276 Route de Gordes – CS50016


You cannot exercise the right of withdrawal for orders concerning products which were unsealed after delivery and that cannot be returned for hygiene or health protection reasons (eg care products).
SAS LA LAVANDE will proceed to reimbursement using the same method of payment for the initial transaction, unless it is expressly agreed a different way; in any case the refund will not incur any fees for you.

  1. Liability

Products sold comply with current French legislation. SAS LA LAVANDE cannot be held liable in case of failure to comply with the legislation of the country where the goods are delivered. It is customer’s responsibility to check with local authorities if he is allowed to import or use the products he plans to order.

SAS LA LAVANDE cannot be held liable for not fulfilling the contract in case of disruption of stock, except for cases of special offers when prices unexpectedly cause the stock to finish, or in case of unavailability of the product or in case of force majeure.

Neither of the parties will have failed to fulfil their contractual obligations in case their execution is delayed, hindered or prevented by a case of fortuity or of force majeure.

Any irresistible event or circumstance, that occurs outside the parties and is unforeseeable, inevitable and independent from the will of the parties and that cannot be prevented by the parties despite of all reasonably possible efforts, will be considered a case fortuity or of force majeure.

The party affected by such an event will let the other party know within a period of ten workdays counting from the date it knew of it.

The two parties will then come together, within a month, except for a case of force majeure, to examine the incident and to discuss ways and conditions under which the fulfilment of the contract may pursue.

If the case of force majeure last for longer than three months the affected party may rescind the present general conditions.

The following cases will formally be considered as cases of force majeure or of fortuity, as well as those cases habitually so considered by French courts and tribunals:

1. Blockage of transport or supply links, earthquakes, fires, storms, floods, thunderbolts,

2. A fault in the telecommunication network or difficulties relating to telecommunication network, not due to its clients.

SAS LA LAVANDE cannot be held liable for any damages arising from the purchase of a product.
SAS LA LAVANDE cannot be held liable for any loss of document, data or files related to the use of its website.
Photographs and texts depicting the products on the website are not contractual.
In case of professional purchase, SAS LA LAVANDE cannot be held liable for any indirect damages such as operating loss, loss of profit, missed opportunity, damages or costs.

SAS LA LAVANDE is not liable for any direct or indirect damages related or consecutive to a virus spread by a third party which may contaminate the computer system or its configuration further to accessing the website, using it, browsing it or downloading any of its content.

  1. Withholding property

SAS LA LAVANDE withholds absolute property over the sold products till a perfect reception of the principle price with fees and taxes included, has been confirmed.

  1. Intellectual property

In accordance with laws regulating the property over literary and artistic right and other similar law, the present Site and all elements found on the present Site, such as marks, drawings, models, photographs, texts, illustrations, logos, sequences whether they be animated or non-animated, sound or silent, graphic etc. as well as their compilation are the exclusive property of LA LAVANDE, which grant no right or license for other purposes than to view the Site. The reproduction or use of all or parts of the elements is only allowed for exclusively informative purposes and for a personal and private use, all reproduction and all use of copies made for other purposes are expressly forbidden. Neither the Site (wholly or in part), nor its contents, nor the marks may be used, reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, made available, modified or exploited in any other way, wholly or in part, for no matter what purpose, with out a prior written authorisation of LA LAVANDE.

Any other use constitutes pirating.

  1. Personal data


The information collected are registered in a computerized file by SAS LA LAVANDE for the handling of orders and customer loyalty (news, invitations, promotional offers, catalogues by e-mail and/or by post).

In accordance with the French Law of 6 January 1978 regarding information technology, files and freedoms, each customer is entitled to access, amend and delete any personal data which concerns him.

Customer may exercise this right by sending his surname, first name and complete address either by email to:

Or by post at:

LE CHATEAU DU BOIS PROVENCE – Lieu dit Musée de la Lavande – 276 Route de Gordes – CS50016 – 84220 CABRIERES D’AVIGNON

SAS LA LAVANDE does not sell nor shares personal date.

SAS LA LAVANDE does not keep the bank information of its clients.

The site is declared to the CNIL under n° 1208632.

            12. Droit applicable

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time. The new terms and conditions will apply only to sales made after the change. French law is applicable and any difficulty or dispute will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts.


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