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Collection Lavender

Perfume - Lavender Collection à la Lavender de Provence

An emblematic collection originating with the passion of Georges Lincelé, founder of the lavender museum, for its fine lavender. This is a tribute to natural materials and their perfumed notes which wrap us in delicate scents reminding us of a journey in the heart of Provence. These two creations are signed by Elisabeth Proal. This Lavender collection highly benefits from her Perfumer talent, her creativity and knowledge of the most beautiful natural fragrances.  

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The noble, pure and natural ingredients selected for this perfume epitomize the harmony of notes symbolic of French fine fragrance.
80.00 €
Lavender for Men - Eau de toilette with fine lavender - 2.5 fl.oz
This perfume is a dedication to the men we love...
Its fragrance is rare and refine. Lavender for Men combines quality, elegance, and the richness of nature.
80.00 €