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Fine Lavender Essential Oil 1L
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Reference -5062

Fine lavender essential oil, harvested and distilled on our Le Chateau Du Bois lavender estate. The rarest and most precious lavender kind in the world, Lavandula officinalis chaix.

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Harvested and distilled on the Château du Bois Provence estate at an altitude of 1100m

it is the rarest and most valuable variety that offers the most benefits.

Formerly used in the Provençal pharmacopoeia for its disinfecting and healing properties, fine lavender is used today in aromatherapy for its anti-stress, calming and relaxing properties. Read the instructions carefully before use.

The rockstar of aromatherapy

Population fine lavender is distinguished from other plants by its very broad spectrum of action, it is much more than a simple natural anti-inflammatory, fine lavender is a natural remedy that effectively relieves the body and mind. daily.

A veritable Swiss army knife, mountain lavender is the ultimate ally of all lovers of natural and unconditional plant care.

Used for

  • -Relax in case of insomnia or stress
  • -Keep mosquitoes away (on the ankles, behind the knees and on the wrists)
  • -Relieve itching from insect bites
  • -Expel lice and intestinal parasites
  • -apply to minor superficial cuts
  • -On burns
  • -Against skin imperfections
  • -Against headaches (massage on the temples)
  • -Against sore throats (1 drop on a sugar)

Fine lavender for care and in the kitchen

This 100% pure and natural essential oil, biochemically and botanically defined, can be used in aromatherapy, food and in perfumed extract. Lavender officinalis is the queen flower in aromatherapy for its many soothing and relaxing benefits, and for skin care. It will also go well in many culinary recipes. This same essential oil will be used in all organic cosmetics and natural perfumes of the Le Château du Bois brand, with a maximum concentration in all products of the Le Château du Bois brand.

Organic phyto-cosmetics Le Château du Bois Provence: Committed by nature!

  • ✅ 100% pure and natural
  • ✅ Fine lavender from the harvest and distillation of the lavender fields of Domaine Le Château du Bois located in Haute Provence at an altitude of 1100 m
  • ✅ Fine lavender from sustainable agriculture
  • ✅ Eco-responsible cosmetics brand
  • ✅ Cruelty-free engaged with PETA
  • ✅ Made in France
  • ✅ Produced and packaged with love in Provence
  • ✅ Packaged in a brown bottle that protects against UV rays for excellent preservation.

How to choose the right lavender essential oil?

It is important to always choose fine lavender certified population by the AOP. Indeed, fine lavender being an endemic plant of the Provençal mountains, the latter needs to grow in its native zone and reproduce naturally by seed to allow its essence to express all its beneficial effects. Fine lavender oils from foreign sources offered at unbeatable prices are mostly “clonal” fine lavender essences. Which are plants selected and multiplied by cutting, implanted artificially by man in soils very different from the original soil (Bulgaria being the largest producer of clonal lavender in the world). These clones are interesting for perfumery but are not biochemically defined for aromatherapy. The Protected Designation of Origin AOP is the only label which guarantees an officinal lavender, having been cultivated in Haute-Provence by allowing lavender to reproduce naturally by seed thanks to bees, which guarantees an important genetic diversity within the fields and results in an oil offering all its therapeutic properties. A strict analytical criterion using a chromatography necessary to obtain the label guarantees to the consumer the purity of the oil as well as sufficient concentrations of active molecules in the latter.

The essential oils of lavandin (hybrid lavender) and aspic lavender, both very strongly camphorated, should never be applied pure to the skin, and in no case have the same virtues as fine lavender PDO.

Producers-growers and distillers since 1890, we guarantee you a high quality 100% pure and natural fine lavender essential oil.

It is produced with the greatest respect for the environment on the lavender estate Le Château du Bois located in the heart of Provence.

We have an extraordinary opportunity to master our production from the seed, to the lavender fields, to the harvest and the traditional distillation. The essential oil of fine lavender is the fruit of the know-how of 5 family generations, and, of an exclusive terroir to obtain the best flowers with the characteristic fragrance and the natural benefits widely stated in the European pharmacopoeia.

Bottle of 1000 ml- 33.8 / brown UV protective glass with integrated drop reducer

Reference 5062

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Ingredients: Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil.

Biochemical specifications: linalyl acetate, linalool.

Natural allergens: limonene, linalol, geraniol, coumarin.

Botanical name: lavandula angustifolia / lavandula officinalis – Lamiaceae family

Biotope: conventional cultivation, reproduction by seed (seed from the land)

Place of production: Lagarde d’Apt (84) - France

Land: Le Château du Bois

Altitude: 1100m

Producer: Jack  Lincelé

Part used: flower tops

Extraction method: distillation (steaming) with water vapour

Label: A.O.P. essential lavender oil from Haute Provence*

Quality:100% pure and 100% natural,

Unmodified or diluted, not deterpented or rectified, not reconstituted, no preservatives, no artificial fragrances, no colourings, no synthetic chemicals

Cosmetic status: bodycare





*as well as the grands crus wines, the fine lavender has its own protected designation of origin (appellation d’origine protégée; AOP): lavender essential oil from Haute Provence. To receive this designation it has to be produced in a traditional way within a specific geographic area with strict quality criteria on the olfactory and analytical level. The certification is issued by the state services (INAO).

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For external use only. Avoid all contact with the eyes. In the event of eye contact, rinse immediately with edible vegetable oil. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use with children under 3. Do not use with pregnant women or nursing mothers. Do not use with persons with a history of epilepsy or convulsions, or hypersensitivity to essential oils. Do not swallow. In the event of ingestion, see the doctor and show him the packaging or label. Stop use if signs of irritation occur. Repeated use may cause skin to dry or crack.

Body cosmetic

Carefully read the specific precautions before use, both on the packaging and the instructions before any use.

Made in France

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